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Traditional Azulene Hot Wax 1kg

KWD 8.00
KWD 8.00
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Depileve Traditional Azulene Hot Wax 1kg.
Depilve's Azulene Hot Wax has been specially formulated to reduce discomfort and irritation during and after epilation for an easier, more comfortable hair removal treatment.
The gentle formula provides a strong pull to easily remove tough hairs and leave the skin feeling satin-smooth.
FEATURES: Formulated to reduce discomfort and irritation during and after epilation.
Strong pull to easily remove tough hairs.
Comfortable melting temperature.
Leaves a satin smooth finish to waxed areas.
Easy to use each 125g tablet at a time.

KEY INGREDIENTS: Rosin, Mineral Oil, Titanium Dioxide.
1. Clean and moisturise the skin with Depileve Prebase.

2.With a spatula, apply a thin film of wax on the desired area.

3. In most cases hair grows in different directions.
Apply the wax according to each direction of hair growth.

4. For longer areas use your free hand to stretch the skin before applying the wax.

5. Rub a strip onto the wax.
Use your free hand to stretch the skin.
Remove the strip by pulling in the opposite direction of hair growth as quickly as possible.

6. Apply Depileve Milk Cleanser and massage until fully absorbed.

7. To minimise any redness, apply Depileve Vitalderm Cream as a mask for 3 to 5 minutes, then massage into the skin until absorbed.
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