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[COLLAGEN]Biotic Regenerating Bouncy Cream 50ml

KWD 18.50
KWD 18.50
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Regenerate your skin thanks to a combination of 3 active ingredients essential to the function of the skin: pasteurized probiotics, stabilized vitamin C, and Hyaluronic Acid.
And for plump, firm, luscious skin, this cream with a shape memory texture is enriched with plant-based collagen.
Day after day, the skin is strengthened, more elastic, and smoother.
Collagen, an essential protein in the skin, gives it resistance to tension and traction.
Our skin produces it naturally throughout our lives.
But with age and extrinsic factors (UV, pollution, stress, and others), the rate of collagen production can no longer supplant that of its destruction.
And, from around the age of 20, the level of collagen in our dermis declines by around 1% per year.

Result: the skin gradually sags, and the skin becomes thinner, and more fragile, with increasingly deep wrinkles.

So how can you correct these signs?
SVR has rigorously selected 4 active ingredients which will each have an essential action for the skin:

If the skin microbiota is unbalanced, the aging of our skin is accelerated.
It must therefore be protected.
SVR provides PASTEURIZED PROBIOTICS to strengthen and protect the skin barrier while hydrating it.

As the production of hyaluronic acid decreases from the age of 25, our R&D has chosen to introduce a LOW MOLECULAR WEIGHT HYALURONIC ACID.
Its acetylated form smoothes wrinkles and fine lines while hydrating the skin.

Vitamin C is vital for the skin and our body does not produce it naturally.
Pure, it is unstable and oxidizes over time; it loses its properties.
This is why our R&D has chosen to include STABILIZED VITAMIN C in this treatment.
The skin is protected from free radicals, firmed and refreshed.

Finally, to preserve and boost its natural collagen capital, Laboratoire SVR adds plant-based collagen to its formula which allows the skin to restructure and regain elasticity and firmness.
This collagen from sustainable biotechnology is identical and as functional as that of humans, it is of great purity, vegan, biodegradable, and GMO-free.

The shape memory texture of [COLLAGEN] BIOTIC is playful and sensorial, all in a fresh, floral, and musky scent.

The skin, regenerated and plumped, is firmer and elastic.
The skin is comfortable, fine lines and wrinkles are reduced and the complexion is brighter.
Apply morning and/or evening, daily to clean, dry skin.
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Body BenefitsAnti-Ageing/Rejuvenating, Firming/Sculpting