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كونسيلر كاموفلاج مصحح العيوب

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تفاصيل نصيحة الخبير طريقة الاستعمال
Kryolan Derma Color Rainbow Set Lavender Veilit's available in several colors one circle that contains several colors so you can easily get the desired color and everyone will find the right product for their own specific needs and skin tone. Choose Kryolan Dermacolor Rainbow Concealer 6 Colors - Dredb Benefits: It has a camouflage your complexion will be perfectly prepared for the next stage of make-up, and any skin imperfections will remain invisible throughout the day. It's very efficient and covers the desired defect the first time. With an appropriate consistency of the product allows it to spread smoothly on the face and does not create smudges and stains. The application is perfect for brushes or toes. It contains 40 g of product. It does not dry the skin covered gentle moisturizing properties. It has a darker and brighter shade of the wheels will also work well in face modeling. It has a range of colors you can find specialist camouflage, such as green that is ideal for vesicular or reddening and yellow shade will perfectly cover the shadows under the eyes and will make the look refreshed.
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